Why I am running as an Independent

I briefly signed up as a member of the Liberal party when I came back to Australia after living in London for years. I had been disillusioned with Australian politics for a long time including toing and froing of leaders in the Gillard and Rudd Governments.

 Australia looked like an absolute joke, looking on from London I was fed up with the constant changes in leadership and the mockery that was Australian politics. So when I moved home I joined the Liberal Party, in the hope for a more stable government.

 I resigned from the Libs while I was mayor of Geelong. I was disappointed by the lack of commitment to Geelong by both parties- especially the Liberals. However the one thing I have never waned from is supporting business in Geelong. I don’t feel like I am a politician, I am socially progressive but fiscally conservative and I believe in policies that benefit Geelong.

 While I was mayor the Libs turned me and Geelong down left, right and centre. I fought both parties for Geelong when I was mayor and I will do the same if elected MP. 

I believe Geelong deserves billions in funding and that is what I will fight for as an independent! 

For those of you who have asked why I did not set up a Lyons party, , this may come in the future but for the moment we are focusing on policies that benefit Geelong and getting the funding we deserve!

Think Different, Think Independent

Ebony Raby