Lyons Will Stand

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“Lyons Will Stand”

Former Geelong Mayor Darryn Lyons today announced his nomination for the State seat of Geelong, vowing to give the city a tenacious voice in Parliament.

The Geelong businessman will stand as an Independent in a bid to wrest the safe seat from the Labour member, which has a 6 per cent margin.

“I will be giving voters, appalled by the childish behaviour, theatrics and vitriol of the major parties, a viable alternative”.

“Geelong, along with the rest of regional Victoria, is entitled to its fair share of support from this metro-centric government. I will fight relentlessly to get the funding and recognition the city deserves,” he said.

Mr Lyons said his nomination was not an act of revenge against the Andrews Government, who sacked his council for alleged misconduct.

“Certainly, that disgraceful act against democratically elected councillors has left a bitter taste, but it’s time to move forward. Make no mistake, however, I have unfinished business. I want Geelong to again become a vibrant, liveable city that offers jobs, lifestyle and a future for young people. I am passionate about this city .... I want to make a difference.”

Mr Lyons lists law and order, health, transport, jobs and rescue packages for under-threat grass roots community groups among priorities in a promised plan of action.

“Law and order heads the list because the wave of lawlessness sweeping our streets is out of control despite the pathetic excuses of some people in denial. We need more police, more Protective Services Officers and tougher laws that the community demands. It has to stop.”

“We also need people with vigour and vision to drive initiatives that make cities great. For example, revitalisation of our waterfront has ground to a halt, we have virtually forgotten Western Beach, one of our greatest assets, begging to be transformed.”

Mr Lyons said he was not a stooge for the Liberals, describing himself as a “genuine” independent. He believes "Geelong should never be a safe seat, a safe seat doesn’t get anything for anyone”.

“Having an independent would be a wonderful thing for the Geelong people wouldn’t it? Look what happened in Shepparton”.

“I am not a puppet of any political party. In fact, I am one of thousands of Australians totally disillusioned with our present politicians. Independents are the new generation in politics. They are a rising force and have shown they can influence State and Federal decisions.”

He said the Geelong seat was winnable but warned about donkey candidates influencing the result. “That practice is dishonest and reprehensible, and candidates should be held accountable.”

Mr Lyons said he had not decided on his preferences but, if elected, would work with the whichever party is in government. “To do otherwise would be to Geelong’s detriment.”

Mr Lyons said he stood on his business acumen, a proven track record of working with government, a can-do attitude and a fierce determination to give the people of Geelong a voice.

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