Vandalism of our campaign signs and van

I woke up this morning to find the tyres of our big pink van had been VANDALISED and my signs SLASHED. This is an absolute disgrace! I am running because I believe that Geelong deserves better and more then what it has received from current and previous governments. I am not ignorant, I don't expect every voting age citizen of Geelong to like me but that is the benefit of living in a democratic society, come Election Day yes I want you to Vote 1 Lyons but you don't have to, you have other options and if you don't like my ideas and priorities don't vote for me! But don't take that choice away from others, and preventing me from getting out early this morning in the van this morning isn't going to stop me!

I would be furious if one of my supporters did this sort of thing to another candidate. Everyone who is running is doing so because they believe they can add value to Geelong and all candidates deserve to be respected for their decision to run! 

#thinkdifferent #thinkindependent #supportourcandidates

Ebony Raby