Geelong Gallery Development

I am a massive supporter of art in Geelong, which is why I met with a team from the gallery this week to discuss their plans for the future.

The proposed expansion of the Geelong Art Gallery into City Hall is wonderful for our city. This why I have pledged that if elected I will ensure that the Art Gallery receives the $650,000 required for planning to begin immediately and propose that council moves into temporary accommodation so that restoration and development works can begin as quickly as possible.

My vision is for Geelong to be an arts hub. While mayor the beautifying of Geelong started, we opened up Little Malop St and worked to complete the library. This development of the Art Gallery could be the start of a designated Arts Precinct in Geelong, which is important as our city grows. 

The gallery is currently restricted by a lack of space, storage and access where as it should be a focal point of our community and a destination to visit in Geelong. In recent years the Gallery has brought in amazing attractions such as the Archibald Prize and we need to support this great Geelong institution.

Darryn and the team from Geelong Gallery