Payroll Tax

Victorian businesses begin to pay payroll tax at $650k compared to Queensland where the threshold is $1.1million. This is ridiculous, we need to encourage and foster businesses not tax them for paying their employees! Yes Geelong only pays the regional rate but we shouldn’t be taxing jobs at all! 

There has been a continual increase in revenue raised by taxes however the efficiency in which this money is being spent is getting worse and worse. Instead of fighting to raise taxes and more revenue I will fight for the taxes we currently pay to be used in a productive manner to provide the services that we need not just the ones that look/sound good.

There is so much money wasted on bureaucracy, we need to be streamlining, moving high tech and rewarding businesses for employing people not taxing them for it!

For a good read on Victoria’s tax fails follow the link and let me know how you feel or if you have any suggestions on the comments…/7f7023b1070244249a6e89e4…

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Ebony Rabytax