GeeLONG Life Cup

I am excited to announce the GeeLONG life Cup. This is a multi-use take away coffee cup. You will be able to pick one up at any coffee shop or cafe for a small deposit and it can be easily returned to get your money back. Or, when you want another coffee just take it with you to another cafe and they will switch it over for a new one and the used one will be cleaned and sent out with another customer at a later date. These cups will be reusable, washable and interchangeable at cafes around Geelong.

Australians buy around 2.1 billion cups of coffee a year, and traditional take-away cups are incredibly difficult to recycle due to the treatment that the paper receives to remain waterproof.

It’s understandable that if you are on the go you may not have your own reusable mug with you, or it may not be clean. The GeeLONG Life Cup provides an easy solution to these problems and once returned doesn’t cost the consumer any money.

I have spoken to a few cafes in Geelong already to ensure that they believe that this could work in our city and I have received nothing but positive responses. A similar idea has been successfully implemented in Freiburg, Germany, which has a similar population size to Geelong. 
Geelong needs to take a modern approach to protecting our environment. I am thinking global but acting local with the hope that a successful implementation would result in similar systems being set up all over Victoria and Australia, For to long the parties have argued over environmental policies but we need to stop debating these things and begin actioning ideas and strategies. 
I will also be pushing to ban single use plastic straws in Geelong, The damage that they do to our environment and our wild life cannot be justified and as someone who is passionate about the environment I believe we need to stop just talking about these problems and take action today! My businesses will begin phasing out plastic straws over the next 12 months and ultimately become straw free. #thinkdifferent #thinkindependent

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