Basketball Geelong gets $7 Million

“Give Geelong its fair share!” exclaimed Darryn Lyons today regarding Supercats Stadium.

Basketball Geelong has been attempting to secure funding to purchase the Geelong Arena

“Basketball Geelong been talking to Andrew Katos, Member for South Barwon, who’s been very supportive. The problem has come with John Eren, the Lara sitting member and State Minister for Sport. At every step, it’s been delayed and put off – it’s as if they simply want to wear them down to the point where they just go away”, said Lyons.

Darryn Lyons has stated that the current stadium has been mismanaged by the City of Greater Geelong and is costing the council $500,000 a year.

“The stadium should be owned and operated by those who know best and who can get the best out of the investment.”, he said.

“I want to see $7m provided for them to buy the stadium from the council, set aside in a trust. A cheap way to get 4 courts for just over $1.5m a court not the $4m a court being bandied about”, Mr. Lyons said.

He went on to say that Basketball Geelong has never previously received funding and it’s long overdue that there be a top quality stadium with flexible seating, as well as a center court area to seat a NBL and WNBL crowd. 

“The Council is looking to offload it as an asset and have already had conversations with the committee, so why can’t we just get this done?”

Lyons added: “Ballarat has just got funding for Stage 2 of its stadium, so why can’t Geelong get its fair share? If I’m elected on Saturday, that’s what I’m all about – Geelong getting its fair share. Or, if you’ll forgive the pun, getting the lion’s share of funding that we deserve. The people of Geelong have been neglected far too long!”


Ebony Raby